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Sheet masks are essentials, not additions to one's skincare routine. At the age of 18, our immune system begins to degenerate and in addition to the effects of the external environment on the skin, it urges the skin to change and age. That is why sheet masks are your best friend that would never cheat on your beauty and trust!


- Exclusive ‘Active Transport’ Patented Technology allowing a 5-minute fast penetration of the serum to enter and repair the deeper skin layer.

- Patented Nanocapsules to keep active and antioxidant ingredients fresh, protected from environmental heat damage.

- The lightest mesh fibre cloth (25g) in the skincare market providing high transparency and breathable skin during application.

Liposome has a similar structure as our skin cell membrane, hence it can quickly fuse with the cell membrane and released the wrapped ( Active Ingredients ) that can repair and penetrate into deeper skin layers

Our products have won multiple International Invention awards with Medical Grade Patent Technology


- SILVER: ConcouLépine International Paris 2017

- SILVER: Seoul International Invention Fair 2017

- GOLD: The 32nd World Genius Convention Education Expo 2018

- SILVER: Silicon Valley International Invention Festival 2018  

- GOLD: The 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2017

- GOLD: International Invention & Trade Expo London 2019

Our Medical Grade Patent Technology Facial Sheet Masks has won multiple International Invention Awards such as in France, Silicon Valley, Japan and Seoul. We believe that beauty is found from the inside, allowing us to regain our confidence! Treating yourself to glowy and dewy skin is what you deserve during stressful times, why not relax while you can? 





Experiments have proved the patented Preservation Coating Technology effectively protects essence from high-temperature damage, allowing active ingredients to maintain its anti-oxidation effect.

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